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My knight in wet boots

2 or 3 weeks ago, I never thought that I would feel like the luckiest woman on earth. My love, has saved me from the powerful force of the rain with the collaboration of the wind and flood.

It was raining really hard here in Davao City. Before the drizzle turned into torrential downpour, we were eating pleasurably in a hippie bistro just outside our school. 

We talked while enjoying each other’s company that we did not notice the fast and heavy progress of the rain. 

After 45 minutes of staying in the diner, we decided to go back to school. He wanted to escort me back in the university for my next class.

The moment we opened the door, we were shocked by the robust blow of the wind.

We stepped outside. Both my shoes are scarred so they and my feet got wet the moment we stepped outside the diner.

It was nearly impossible to walk from the street we were in to the school. even if it was just ten or twelve meters away, it was difficult to go through because of the almost ankle-length flood. 

We kept on looking for a clear area where we could cross the street. Well it was all filled with water but we were hoping to find something to aid my scarred shoe from getting wet.

We found an angle where there were two big rocks available for crossing. However, the first rock was a bit far and it would be difficult to jump on it. I was scared I might not make it and land on the wet and ground.

He made a chivalrous act.

He posted himself with legs a bit wide on the ground adjacent from the two rocks. 

He told me to step on his shoes to be able to reach the two rocks near him and far away from where I was standing.

I was shocked, and abashed for his suggestion. I do not want to get his shoes dirty. He said it didn’t matter because he said he’d go home after escorting me back to school. I was abashed because there were a lot of stranded students in the street and I don’t know how they would react to our course of action.

But most of all, I was affected by the little sacrifice he could do for me. I was touched for this proposal of his.

I did as what he told me. 

I stepped on his shoe, skipped onto another of his shoe, and finally skipped on the next few rocks until I reached the cemented ground. He followed after I crossed.

We heard rhythmic cheers behind us. I saw students who got stranded at a bistro called “My Kebab’s” cheering for what my boyfriend did. I was both ashamed and in awe. 

They have witnessed my boyfriend’s cute sacrifice. :3

I felt loved. He was the only who did that for me. I don’t know if other men could do it for their women.

I was so proud of him. I could not contain myself but smile through the whole duration of the class. 

I love him so much and for that moment I knew he loved me too. 

Indeed, words are not enough to show us that love. Actions have to be done to justify that love. 

I hope that other men could do this and more to their girlfriends. Perhaps those who were at Kebab’s learned that someday they would do that gallant act for their girlfriends.

Or maybe YOU, whoever you are. Maybe you could do it for your girlfriend someday. Or if you’re a girl, I hope that your boyfriend could do this adorable act for you.

18 months and counting <3

I know I don’t usually write about my relationship but I think it’s time I do.

Yesterday, we celebrated our 18 months of staying together. Despite most of the hours we spend on making our school requirements, we still found time to ‘celebrate’ our day.

I feel like I’m the luckiest woman on earth. I have found the man who would love me enough to accept all my flaws. 

I hear my friends who are in a relationship complaining about their boyfriends. I don’t see any problem with mine at all. 

Well, maybe sometimes it takes him a century to text back but at least he’s working on it.

We may have tiny ass arguments but eventually we make peace. 

I don’t think we can stand not talking to each other.

We admit our mistakes. We don’t wait for the other one to take the blame. If it’s my fault, I say sorry. If it’s his, he says he’s sorry. 

We don’t let our pride ruin our relationship.

I love him so much and I can’t stand the idea of not being with him. I don’t know what will happen if..

No. It won’t happen..

That’s what he said and I trust him.

Anyway, it won’t do me any good if I dwell on the future. 

What matters is the today, not the tomorrow. 

and today, I believe we are the happiest couple on earth. 

no huge fights, just cute tiny differences and arguments.

I love him so much! I thank the Lord for giving me the most lovable man in the world. :3

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random Kadayawan story

My classmate and I went to Almendras Gym for the purpose of covering the event titled, “Hiyas sa Kadayawan.”

The gate was not just packed with Davaoenos but also a couple of visitors and foreigners.

We were hoping to be able to pass through the doors of the gym before the event starts. We were thinking of using our press IDs together with the Kadayawan sticker attached to it.

The Kadayawan sticker’s sole purpose was to let the hobbyist media practitioners to have access with the festival’s major events.

We were patiently falling in line outside the doors. I noticed that majority of the police that were patrolling the entrance were dominated by women.

We saw three men rushing to the guards while showing their Press IDs.

I was observing them, waiting for the police to welcome them through.

But they were not allowed to.

I did not understand why. They had their legit Press IDs with them but why were they not allowed to go inside?

I wanted to find out for myself and so my classmate and I decided to talk to the guards.

As I was approaching them, I felt their aura getting stronger. I had a clearer view of their stern and tough features on their faces.

There was a soft and anxious voice at the back of my head saying I should not confront them after all. I saw a picture of them in my head screaming and me getting devoured by their wrath.

My classmate asked them if we could get inside. We showed them our Kadayawan stickers.

It seemed as if they had no idea what the stickers meant. They said they were not given any instructions  of letting people with these kind of stickers inside they gym.

Our hearts were crushed. At the same time I was pissed.

I was pissed because it’s like getting hold of this sticker meant nothing to them. I don’t even think they were informed of such sticker at all.

So we acted like how good citizens should act: we waited patiently to get in.

They separated those people who had tickets and those who did not have.

We did not have any tickets because a friend of ours informed us that there was no need for it.

The time for opening the doors has come. I noticed that the crowd was getting antsy to get in. They pushed those in front of them, not minding of the danger of hurting each other.

I felt annoyed by the unruly crowd surrounding me. But I had to bear with it since We really need to cover this event.

It was our time to get in. It was not surprising for the police women to check my bags. I willingly opened my bag for them and gave them the time to scrutinize the contents of my bag.

They let me in.

But they did not let my classmate get in.

They strictly implemented the no-backpack rule.

These women dressed in police suits were tough. I felt an overwhelming power within my veins as I see them commanding those who have violated the rules.

They advised my classmate to go outside and leave the bag at the police station. I could not believe they are actually letting him go back outside. I could imagine him falling in line again and I am not letting that happen to him.

But we got no choice.

I was waiting inside the gym when I got his text message. He said that he was not allowed to go inside anymore.

I got furious. I could not believe we were treated like crap. I understand that they have duties but I think their reason was invalid.

Yes, there was a strict rule about the no bringing of backpacks during major events. However, I think they should have considered the size of the bag.

For one, my shoulder bag was bigger than my classmates backpack. But they let me in.

His backpack was so small that it would fit my huge shoulder bag. But they did not let him in.

I don’t see the logic they’re trying to offer in this rule.

They should have considered the size of the bags they were trying to avoid. A small backpack can do no harm than a huge shoulder bag or sling bag.

I know they were just trying to ensure the safety of the people but still they should have considered other factors.

Also, let us not forget about the stickers that were supposed to give privileges to journalists for information. It was not given any attention at all.

I am not disappointed with the security measures they have accomplished as a whole. But I do know that there should have been other things they have considered.